Tri Bowl


958 Britannia Silver with Gilt & Gold Leaf Detail

Height 150mm, Width 280mm

Charlotte’s larger pieces are not available to buy though the website. If you would like to purchase this piece, please contact Charlotte directly.

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Although described as a bowl, this is Charlotte’s most ambiguous and sculptural piece and is the culmination of a strand of investigation into the break down and re-formation of geometric form. The piece started life as a hemispherical bowl that was cut into three equal segments which were then re-formed into the fin-like segments that make up the main body of the piece. These are held together on the underside with miniature, hand made, gilded silver nuts and bolts. The central dish, lined with gold leaf, rests on the edge of the central aperture formed in the middle of the three main segments.

The Tri Bowl  was shortlisted for the Museums Sheffield Metalwork Design Award in 2010 and displayed at Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries from 1st – 31st October 2010.

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958 Britannia Silver, Gold Gilt, Gold Leaf


Keith Leighton