2014 – Bespoked Bowl

958 Britannia Silver & Stainless Steel

Base (steel):  diameter 320mm, height 120mm

Bowl (silver): diameter 350, depth 40mm

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This striking fruit bowl was created for the Craft Councils’ COLLECT exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, London, in 2014 and was featured on the Galvanize Festival’s stand.

It is actually the sister piece to the Rose Bowl commissioned by the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire in 2013. The shape and design of the ‘spoked’ stainless steel stand came directly from the pieces left over from making the rolled steel ‘petals’ of the rose bowl. The Britannia silver dish has eight slots cut into it’s rim that allow it to slide over the top of the steel legs.

The piece now sits in a private collection.

Photography by Keith Leighton.

Additional information

Dimensions350 × 350 × 120 mm

958 Britannia Silver, Stainless Steel

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