Chocolate Pot


925 Sterling Silver

Height 165mm, Width (with handle) 210mm, Diameter (of body) 96mm

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Created during Charlotte’s month long scholarship with Brett Payne in early 2021, this elegant Chocolate Pot takes it’s cue from the those examples of the 18th and 19th century in the sweeping lines and full curves of it’s body. However, the handle, whilst conforming to the tradition of being at a right angle to the spout, injects a contemporary twist as it curls around the body, reminiscent of a steel workers tongs embracing the crucible fresh from the furnace, ready to pour the molten chocolate into your cup.

On a more practical note: the silver spacers, which hold the handle a little apart form the body of the chocolate pot, help to reduce the transfer of heat through to the handle.

Additional information

Dimensions210 × 96 × 165 mm

925 Sterling Silver


Jerry Lampson

Year of manufacture