2014 – St. Philip’s Church of Leicester Commemorative Altar Candle Plate

Silver Plated Copper

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Commissioned in 2014 by the congregation of St. Philip’s Church in Leicester to commemorate a very special lady, Mary Morrison Barker, who had been a pillar of the church community for most of her life. The Candle Plate, silver plated copper, spun with etched pattern of concentric circles to emulate rippled water, was designed to the brief that all the dimensions and proportions be based on the Fibonacci Sequence – a theme which runs through several other art pieces within the church.

It was an honour to invited to attend the dedication service which was held on Mothering Sunday, a date specially chosen as it wold have been the Mary’s 90th birthday, and to meet everyone  in the St. Philip’s community.

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Copper, Silver Plate

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