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< Copperware : CIRCA Napkin Rings

<p>Pair of CIRCA Napkin Rings in polished copper with white napkin</p>

CIRCA Napkin Rings


These neat little napkin rings take their shape from a small section of the overall pattern of interlocking circles that forms the basis of each piece in this collection. Each one has been carefully hand pierced out of copper sheet before being rolled and soldered together. Instead of adding felt to these pieces the open lattice work allows the material of the napkin to peep through the little windows, meaning that each set will become unique to their user.

The inspiration behind this collection is all about the exploration of geometric pattern, colour and material and textural contrast. Each design is available in either a polished copper finish with orange felt, or a silver plated finish with grey felt.

Photographs by In Two Dimensions Photography.

Width 50mm, Diameter 48mm