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Asymmetric Hexagonal Candlesticks

925 Sterling Silver

This beautiful asymmetric pair of candlesticks was created for the Contemporary British Silversmiths' Contemporary Silver: A Selling Exhibition at Christie's King street auction house, London, in 2013.

The design is one of Charlotte's first major works to incorporate wood, and the Spalted Beach was chosen for it's striking grain to bring colour, texture and pattern to her otherwise minimalist aesthetic. The black traces in the wood are mirrored through the oxidised edges of the silver panels and pin heads. They are made of an internal wood structure to which the silver is pinned with handmade, oxidised silver pins. This construction method gives them a great deal of strength, weight and stability. The silver inserts in the top are removable for the ease of placing candles and cleaning excess wax.

Height 300mm & 250mm, Diameter 80mm