Charlotte Tollyfield Charlotte Tollyfield


Charlotte's silverware collection comprises a series of functional tableware that draws inspiration from geometric forms, clean lines and smooth curves. Charlotte's design process has led to a group of objects that are apparently unrelated, but they are now forming a starting point for a collection of familly groups.

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<p>CIRCA Bud Vase in polished copper with orange felt</p>

Charlotte has begun to build a collection of copper and silver plate pieces, experimenting with shape, form and reflections as with her silver work and playing with the colour contrast between the warm pinks of the copper and cool whites, blues and greys of the silver plate.

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Charlotte is happy to take on both public and private silverware commissions, working to the specific requirements of the individual client.

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Seasonal Decorations

Since 2009 Charlotte has produced a set of two Christmas decorations each year, and in 2011 she started designing them along the theme of The 12 Days of Christmas. Staying with the idea of releasing two designs each year, this highly collectable set will be completed in 2016.

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